Powerlifting Lady

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Last summer I enrolled in the Ridge Athletic Clubs’ six week program, the Foundations of Powerlifting, run by two of their personal trainers – Jay Corti and Logan Gregg. My desire to at least qualify into all life activities lead me to my interest in powerlifting. Our bodies, minds, and … Read More

Fitness Matters | Showing Up

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As we begin this New Year, many of us reflect back on our previous 12 months and look ahead to the plethora of resolutions we make for the coming year. For many of us those resolutions revolve around becoming healthier or more active through the year. They range from eating … Read More

Appetite Hormones

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Are you aware that powerful brain and gut hormones impact our daily eating behaviors, as well as weight loss efforts? Recent research has revealed numerous hormones that help dictate overall appetite control. Let’s take a quick look at 2 of these hormones. Leptin: The Satiety Hormone Leptin is produced by … Read More

Fueling Your Family | Immunity Boosting Foods

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Recently, I’ve noticed an uptick in questions from clients wondering what foods to eat to help keep them from getting sick. It’s true that good nutrition is a key player in keeping your immune system as strong as possible. Who wouldn’t want that, especially in the midst of cold and … Read More

Fitness Matters | Winter Workout Tips & Tricks

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Exercising in winter can sometimes seem like an impossible task. The days are short, so much so that some of us start and finish our work day in the dark, never witnessing daylight. Motivation can be difficult to find. With this in mind, it is never more important to engage … Read More

20 Pound Challenge | Ambassador Introduction

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Hello! My name is Miranda and I was chosen to be the ambassador for the Ridge’s 20 Pound Challenge. First a little about me. I was born and raised right here in the Gallatin Valley. I have been married to my wonderful husband for two and a half years now. … Read More

Fitness Matters | Training for Cross Country Skiing

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While backcountry, downhill, and fat skis dominate the winter talk of this town, it’s easy to neglect the quieter world of skinny skis. Cross-country skiing is an incredibly healthy way to stay fit aerobically and strength train this season. It is one of the less expensive ways to slide across … Read More

Fitness Matters | Training for Winter Activities

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The leaves are changing colors and blanketing the ground, directing our minds towards winter and it’s many activities.  As we phase out our summer and fall endeavors and move into those that involve the snow and ice, this is a great time to prepare ourselves for the wonderful winter many … Read More

Resistance Training vs. Endurance Training in People with COPD

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Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that makes it hard to breath by obstructing airflow from the lungs. People with COPD often develop skeletal muscle dysfunction, skeletal muscle atrophy, and other chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, and obesity largely due to extended periods of … Read More
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