Fitness Matters | Get Stronger, Run Better!

Proper training for running can present many challenges, especially when athletes desire to run faster and avoid injuries. Many athletes run with a laser-like focus on mileage or training volume only to find themselves injured or stuck at a plateau during their workouts. If you are eager to improve your … Read More

Bored On The Treadmill But Want To Dominate A Run? Try This!

Try this interval run from Ridge Personal Trainer Annie Barber to amp up your treadmill workouts!  Not ready to run 7 miles yet? Cut the times in half and vary the speeds to adjust to your level. Total Time: 60 minutes Mileage: Approximately 7 miles (depending on pace) 00:00-05:00 minutes: Jog … Read More

Can I say it?…Summer’s Finally Here!

I really don’t want to jinx our beautiful weather this week but I think it’s safe to say that summer is finally here! It doesn’t get any better than summertime in Bozeman; Music on Main, Art Walks, live music, Shakespeare in the Park, barbeques, camping, farmers markets and more. It’s … Read More

Member of the Month in Our Next Commercial!

If you remember, our first ever Member of the Month was Stacy Smith.  After that post, we also asked Stacy to be in a commercial for us.  She bravely accepted and we’re so excited she did because it turned out awesome!  Read her Member of the Month story here, and then … Read More