Yay for sunshine!

I really don’t want to jinx our beautiful weather this week but I think it’s safe to say that summer is finally here! It doesn’t get any better than summertime in Bozeman; Music on Main, Art Walks, live music, Shakespeare in the Park, barbeques, camping, farmers markets and more. It’s also the time of year when we dust off our bikinis and board shorts and find that the cold winter may have added a few pounds to our waistline.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered to whip you back into shape in no time.  Here are some tips to help you tighten up while still getting outside and enjoying our short but sweet summer.

  • Kwik Kore   Take care of those ab and back exercises in 15 minutes with Kwik Kore at The Ridge.  We have it several different times during the day to help you fit into your schedule.  View our class schedule here 
  • Get outside!  Hike the M, take your dog for a run, or go waterskiing on the lake all while getting a little suntan.  If you tend to do better with someone pushing you, we have outdoor bootcamps at the Ridge, Lana’s Bootcamp and our Nike Bootcamp with Josh and Annie.
  • Strength Train  There’s no better way to reshape your body than to lift weights.  Just doing cardio is not going to get your body to its fullest potential.  If you haven’t used your 2 free personal training sessions, set one up by calling the Ridge and let us help you reach your goals.  If you prefer group classes, Power Pump is also a great guided weights class.
  • Have A Goal  Bozeman and the surrounding areas have so many active events to participate in.  Whether you want to do a bike race, a marathon, a triathlon, or your first 5K, set a goal, register for the event, and stick to it.  You might discover a new hobby in the process.  Some of the staff at The Ridge will be racing in The Dirty Dash, a 5K mud run and obstacle course in Billings July 30th.  We’d love to see you there with us!
  • Drink lots of water  Don’t forget to hydrate your body as you get more sunshine and more active.  Better skin, reduced hunger, more effective workouts….there’s no reason not to!
  • Go easy at the BBQ’s  Though we all can indulge a little from time to time, with the number of BBQ’s, weddings, and food and alcohol focused events, it’s easy to say yes to everything and watch the number on the scale creep upwards.  Keep yourself in check by taking smaller servings, opting for the grilled meats, fruit and veggies, planning ahead (we like www.livestrong.com for food tracking), and eating something healthy before hand so you aren’t starving when you arrive.  When it comes to drinks, go for the no calorie or lower calorie options ie: instead of mixing something with juice or soda, mix it with club soda, which has no calories but still gives you some fizz.
Have a fun and safe summer!  We look forward to seeing you in the club for your workouts!