Bored On The Treadmill But Want To Dominate A Run? Try This!

Try this interval run from Ridge Personal Trainer Annie Barber to amp up your treadmill workouts! ┬áNot ready to run 7 miles yet? Cut the times in half and vary the speeds to adjust to your level. Total Time: 60 minutes Mileage: Approximately 7 miles (depending on pace) 00:00-05:00 minutes:┬áJog … Read More

Interval Run by Annie B. (this one is a doozy!)

Author: Ridge Personal Trainer Annie Barber Here is a running workout I did last week..maybe a little more challenging than most but you can always modify! Jog 1 mile at 6.5 mph mile 1-1.25: 7 mph mile 1.25-1.5: 7.5 mph mile 1.5-1.75: sprints at 8 mph (sprint 20 seconds, rest … Read More