Last Week 8 weeks to 5K!

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Hi Everyone! This will be the last blog post until the race, so this week’s workouts are a little different.  The table below starts with your workout for tomorrow, Thursday the 20th.  It continues into next week with the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before race day on Thursday, Thanksgiving! Right … Read More

8 weeks to 5k week 4

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Hello again everyone! We are at Week 4, halfway through our training program.  There will continue to be a steady increase in the number of minutes we are running each week.  Just know that it is the ultimate goal to be able to run that many minutes without stopping to … Read More

Total Body Transformation Project | Update from Mike

Meet Mike.  He was chosen by the Ridge and Complete Nutrition as one of our “disease risk” candidates for the Total Body Transformation Project.  You may recognize him, he’s the Chief Meteorologist at KBZK.  On screen he’s full of energy, but behind the scenes he’s challenged with arthritis and Crohn’s disease, … Read More

Huffing For Stuffing Week 2

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Hi Everyone! Knock on wood for this awesome weather to continue! Do remember that we will run outside rain, shine, or cold temperatures though.  Wear layers, hats and mittens to class if the weather is looking chilly – you can always take off a layer if you get too warm! … Read More

8 Weeks to 5k: Week 2

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Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone’s homework went well this past week!  As we progress in the program and add minutes to our running portion, do what you can but remember to try to push yourself!  Also, if anyone has to miss class one week there is always the option to try … Read More

2014 8 Weeks to 5k: Week 1

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Hello everyone and welcome! Of course there have been some technical difficulties which is why this post is late!  This is where we will post the workouts you need to do on your own before meeting the next week.  Like it’s been said in class, this is a general outline … Read More

Fitness Matters | Reducing Sugar This Holiday Season

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Suggesting we should avoid sugar during the holidays might sound cold-hearted & scrooge-like. We have powerful emotions & memories tied to holiday sweets. This strong connection is often the start of cravings & even sugar addiction. The problem with sugar is that unless it comes from natural sources like fruits … Read More

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Fitness Matters | Get Stronger, Run Better!

Proper training for running can present many challenges, especially when athletes desire to run faster and avoid injuries. Many athletes run with a laser-like focus on mileage or training volume only to find themselves injured or stuck at a plateau during their workouts. If you are eager to improve your … Read More

Accountability is a Drag

Remember when smoking in restaurants was completely acceptable? Eighteen years ago, I bartended and waited tables at a Big Sky restaurant and considered being able to smoke while I worked a perk (yes, me, the Health Coach). Today, many people would see a waitress smoking on the job as absurd. … Read More

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