Nice weather is finally upon us as summer rolls in. The days are getting longer and we are starting to have more free time than other seasons in Montana allow. We can use these long days and great weather to add some healthy changes to our lifestyle. Farmers markets are in full swing with a wide variety of produce. These can be a great family outing to buy produce as well as a good way to try new vegetables you may not have had before. A great summer challenge is to try one new fruit or vegetable per week, allowing yourself to experience new food and find some stuff you love. The longer days also mean more time for outdoor activities at night. This is another great way to get together with friends and family while enjoying exercise. Incorporate a walk at night with family and friends in one of our many parks. You can also get out and go for a bike ride at night and explore parts of town you haven’t been to in awhile. Even lawn games such as horse shoes, cornhole, and bocce ball are a great way to be outside and stay moving while having fun. By incorporating these activities into your day, you can build some great new habits that will allow you to transition back into the gym when the less friendly months come back to Montana.



About the Author Jay Corti is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer at the Ridge Athletic Clubs.