Powerlifting Lady

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Last summer I enrolled in the Ridge Athletic Clubs’ six week program, the Foundations of Powerlifting, run by two of their personal trainers – Jay Corti and Logan Gregg. My desire to at least qualify into all life activities lead me to my interest in powerlifting. Our bodies, minds, and … Read More

Fitness Matters | Showing Up

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As we begin this New Year, many of us reflect back on our previous 12 months and look ahead to the plethora of resolutions we make for the coming year. For many of us those resolutions revolve around becoming healthier or more active through the year. They range from eating … Read More

Appetite Hormones

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Are you aware that powerful brain and gut hormones impact our daily eating behaviors, as well as weight loss efforts? Recent research has revealed numerous hormones that help dictate overall appetite control. Let’s take a quick look at 2 of these hormones. Leptin: The Satiety Hormone Leptin is produced by … Read More

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