Hello everyone, we are on our seventh week of running! That means that less than two weeks from today is the race! I trust you are all still training. I know it’s going to get cold and dark by the time we run on Tuesdays but we actually had a great time last Tuesday (EVEN THOUGH HALF THE CLASS WAS GONE)!!!!        Keep the training up for the last two weeks as it is very important to get you where you will need to be. I hope everyone has registered for Huffing for Stuffing, its going to be a fun race and ill be there wind, snow, rain, or shine, to run it with you.

A couple more things, the rate of injuries will increase if we do not spend time warming up properly. I want everyone who has a membership to hop on a machine and make sure you are nice and warm before we go outside (if you have the time). For everyone else doing some stretching at home before you come in will help but we will do a little longer warm up before we run.


Today will be snowing with a high of 39. Today is a cardio day! I would like you to do 40 minutes of cardiovascular activity. Once again, you may pick the activity you want but make sure you are pushing yourself and working hard!


Today will be snowing with a high of 37. We will be meeting tonight. It’s supposed to snow and it will be dark so I want everyone who has headlamps and reflective gear to wear it. Come prepared please. We will be running a two mile distance. Some of you are at the point where you can run two miles with out stopping but for those of you who aren’t that is great too; you will be jogging and walking!


Today will be cloudy with a high of 38. Today is another cardio day! I want you to do 35 minutes of cardio. Since we ran quite a ways last night I want you to try to push yourself with the cardio but be mindful of how your body is feeling. If you are extremely exhausted don’t push it too hard!


Today there will be rain and snow with a high of 38. Today I want you work on pacing yourselves. Imagine that you are in the race and running. Run at a pace that is realistic and comfortable for you. I want you to run 1.5 miles. Run as much of it as you can pay attention to your pace and then walking a little when you need to!


Today there will be snow with a high of 34. We have done allot of running and exercise so far this week. I want you to rest today!


Today there will be snow with a high of 30. Today I want you to practice more running. I am not putting a time goal on today but I want you to get outside and run. Practice your form, practice pacing yourself, and practice the proper breathing pattern you have learned. Once again, imagine yourself in the race and imagine the pace you want to have.


Today there will be snow with a high of 32. Seems like a great day for a good book, some hot chocolate, and a warm blanket! Enjoy your day off!

Injury Prevention for Runners

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