Author: Ridge Personal Trainer Leah Vogel

So, you would like to lose twenty pounds. Here is the first step to success that many people skip entirely: visualization.

Throughout your day, visualize what 20 pounds lighter would look and feel like and quit thinking about the negative thoughts associated with being 20 pounds too heavy. Here’s an example of a negative thought that you should change into a positive thought: “Oh my gosh, my a** looks so huge in these jeans! I have to get to the gym ASAP after work so I can try to get through 60 minutes on the freakin’ elliptical trainer.” Positive replacement: “Soon, I will put this pair of jeans on and they are going to be too loose, thanks to all my dedicated gym time and healthy nutrition.”

Every time you start to negatively talk to yourself about your weight, you are just reinforcing the state of being too heavy. Squelch those negative thoughts immediately with positive, uplifting thoughts about your body!