Meet Irena. She was chosen by the Ridge and Complete Nutrition as the athlete for the Total Body Transformation Project. As a full time teacher, she managed to train hard on her own for her first Spartan Race, and ended up qualifying for the OCR World Championship. Feeling that she had just tapped the surface of her potential as an athlete, she applied for the Total Body Transformation Project in hopes that the Ridge and Complete Nutrition could help her push her limits, and make her dream of competing as an elite level athlete come true.  It’s day 20 of her transformation, here’s her update so far…Irena doing tackling an Olympic lift and the monkey bars

Being able to take my training to another level has been a dream come true. There is only so much you can do when you’re busy with work and don’t have the time to really do a lot of research. Having a trainer that not only understands the “science” behind working out, lifting, and training, but also understands you as an athlete is amazing. Chad Sievers has been a great support and source of knowledge, and knows just how to push me a little past my comfort zone. 🙂

I’ve already been pretty active, working out regularly, and having a healthy lifestyle prior to being chosen for Total Body Transformation Project, so not much has changed when it comes to that. Complete Nutrition has done great job giving me the right amount of supplements, nutrition tips and advice when I need them. Incorporating Olympic lifting into my training has been quite the experience and I’m still learning a lot about it. Some of my friends probably wonder if I have joined a secret fight club, since I constantly have calluses, bruises (I swear I have no idea how I get most of them, they just randomly appear) and occasional scratches. (What can I say, put me in high heels and I can gracefully run in them, but put me in sneakers and the tomboy in me comes out!)

The best part about Olympic lifting is, it’s working!!! Before I started working out with Chad I could only do 2 pull ups, and now, not even a month later I can do 5! 🙂

Training for the OCR World Championship is little bit harder when you don’t have a course with obstacles available for training. And one of the obstacles that was (as I found out couple days ago) more mental for me than anything else, were the monkey bars. Well, thanks to Chad, I can now go through the ones the Ridge has, like they’re the easiest obstacle there is. And now I’m in search for other fun monkey bars around town to conquer. So if you have some good ones in your neighborhood park, let me know! 🙂

— Irena

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