After coming back from Ohio I also started Winter Conditioning at the Ridge. It’s very different type of a workout and I really like that I can still push myself. And call me crazy but I actually enjoy the pain and soreness the day after. No matter what kind of shape you are in, there is always room for improvement. I cannot wait to go skiing and I’m pretty much counting days till I get on the hill. 🙂

photo 2Just one week after running the OCR World Championships race I took off and flew to Dallas for my last race of 2014 season. Spartan Beast was the 3rd part I needed to complete to earn my first Spartan Trifecta (three different lengths races completed in one year). Knowing I’d still be recovering from the OCRWC race I only wanted to finish the Beast. I’ve never ran more than 9 miles and this race was going to be at least 13 miles long. Well, few days before my race I found out that if I placed well I could qualify for next year’s OCR World Championship. It was on!!

Running this race was so much fun and when I started to struggle a little bit during my last 3 miles, and just wanted to walk a bit instead of running, I remembered that my “struggle” is nothing compare to what my mom was going through at that time, recovering from aggressive chemotherapy (I’m pretty sure that I got my “fighter” genes from her), and I started running even faster.

Not only did I complete my trifecta but I also qualified for OCR World Championships 2015! I placed 6th out of 269 in my age group, 15th out of 1048 females, and 245th out of 3693 overall. I couldn’t have wished for a better end to my first OCR season!
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