Meet Chris.  He was chosen by the Ridge and Complete Nutrition as one of our weight gain candidates for the Total Body Transformation Project.  While honorably serving in the US Military, he suffered a debilitating back injury that caused him significant weight loss.  He turned to the Total Body Transformation Project for help.  Just 1 month in, he’s inspiring everyone around him…

A few years ago, I suffered an injury while serving overseas. I was unaware of the full effects of the injury as I left it unchecked for several months. However, the back and neck pain that ensued worsened to the point that I could no longer sleep. I sought help through the VA but the only form of treatment I was offered was surgery. Not wanting to consider surgery at such a young age, I attempted to alleviate the pain by limiting my physical activity. Not working out was my worst option and biggest regret.

I began losing weight. Month after month, the weight loss continued until it became apparent to more than just my close friends and family. The weight loss was so noticeable that my dentist, who I see only once every other month, questioned my well-being. By the time I decided to alter my lifestyle, I had lost over thirty pounds. I dug a hole so deep the mere idea of climbing out seemed laughable. I needed help.

chris 1Seeking help was actually my first obstacle. I had no idea who to consult; aside from doctors I imagined paying just to tell me to eat more. The issue with weight gain here in the United States is that it is socioculturally perceived in a negative manner. Even now, when I explain that I am on a diet, I receive the same feedback: “Why are you on a diet?” Weight gain is taboo in a society focused on subduing an obesity trend.

A couple of months ago, however, I caught sight of an advertisement for the Total Body Transformation Project. I decided to turn in an application for the project and treated it like a lottery ticket: I saw it as false hope and kept it out of mind. What were the odds that I would have been selected? Well, I found out a month later when I was contacted by Christine Davis.

I was in disbelief when I was selected for the program and I am in disbelief now, as I weighed in at the start of week four over seven and a half pounds heavier than when I began the training. Dan McGuinness and Denton Rone from Complete Nutrition, and fitness director Ed Davila have proven to me how surmountable my weight gain obstacles really are. Though my obstacles are being overcome, it is no easy task. There is no special trick or pill. My weight goal, like anything worth striving for, is taking time and discipline; especially time.

chris 2Time is something so valuable to us that not being able to spare it for a workout or home cooked meal has become a go-to excuse. I have used the “I don’t have time for that” excuse numerous times. Now, I consider all the hours I spent on Netflix, video games, and my cellphone and realize that “I don’t have time for that” really was just an excuse. I have also realized all the benefits to devoting time to exercise.

My back pain has diminished just about as fast as my strength is increasing. I am sleeping far better at night. I am more energized and motivated throughout the day. Overall, I feel great.  My body, mind, and emotional state are better than they have been in years and it only took a three and half weeks. I can only imagine what eight more weeks will do for me.
– Chris M.

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