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The first barre class opened up in London in the 1950’s & now we have our every own Total Barre class at the Ridge.  If you’ve never taken our barre class before, here are a few things you should know.

#1 – When it comes to Total Barre, think quality or quantity. Barre is not about how many reps you can do in a barre1minute or how much weight you can lift. The focus of Total Barre is on precision & proper form. You’ll be doing smaller, slower movements, but you’ll definitely feel it!

#2 – Total barre is ballet-inspired, not ballet. Dance experience isn’t needed to take Total Barre. Heck, you don’t even have to be familiar with the ballet barre to get a great workout. All of the moves performed are explained by the instructor and they are happy to assist if you have any questions.

#3 – You’re going to shake & feel the burn if you are doing it right. When you are barre quote 1doing the moves, you probably won’t feel super graceful & it’s not going to feel simple, even if you are in good cardiovascular shape. When you come to Total Barre, focus on yourself & try to not look around.


#4 – Dress the part. Grippy toe socks, like the ones that we sell at the front desk,

will keep you from slipping when you’re on the barre. Also, don’t wear short shorts. There are a lot of inversions and open-leg poses, so capris or full leggings are a better choice.

#5 – Total Barre is great cross-training. If you go to the gym on your own, you’re probably doing the things that you are comfortable with. Total Barre focuses on the areas that you’re probably not working & that will make you stronger & less prone to injuries.barre quote 2

We offer Total Barre several times throughout the week. Take a look at our schedule & sign up today! Phone: (406) 586-1737