Getting Results

Exercise training can have huge impacts on body composition, muscle function, cardiorespiratory fitness and overall quality of life. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research evaluated the effects of receiving exercise training from a certified professional versus self-directed exercise training on body mass and other fitness-related measures … Read More


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When most people hear powerlifting they think of hulk like men yelling and slamming weights around in the gym. While there are those who fit that description there are also those who go about their workout quietly reaping its benefits. Powerlifting is a workout focused on competing in bench, squat, … Read More

Estimating Intensity

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From the last post, we learned that at least 30-min/day (or 150-min/wk) moderate-to-vigorous physical activity is the minimum needed to promote general health benefits. For additional health benefits, engaging in physical activity beyond the Federal Guidelines is encouraged – more is better! So, how do we gauge intensity? How do … Read More

Get Moving and Stay Moving

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It’s well known that regular physical activity can lead to many long-lasting health benefits. In fact, physical fitness is considered to be one of the most important markers to predict cardiovascular disease and mortality. What is physical fitness? Physical fitness encompasses a variety of fitness-related metrics such as aerobic endurance, … Read More

Total Body Transformation Project | Update from Elizabeth

Wow, this has been a busy month! My commitment to exercise and healthier eating was tested in several ways. Mid October, my son and I went to visit my mom and grandma and aunts and uncles for a week. Our schedule was completely off, I had no access to a … Read More

Fitness Matters | Physical Activity….What?

What is the difference between physical activity and exercise? Why should we be physically active?  What are the benefits? These are very common questions I often hear regarding physical activity and exercise. What is it? Physical activity can be defined as any movement that expends energy. Exercise is a type … Read More

What is 60 minutes?

Author: Desiree Dejongh, Ridge Personal Trainer What is 60 minutes of exercise anyway? *400-600 calories burned *A challenge followed by immediate satisfaction *As long as American Idol…and usually more entertaining *Immunity booster (which=time saver) *Much more fun than an hour of therapy *LIFE SAVING So, the real question is not … Read More