Thursday weigh in–complete! 
Total weight lost this week 3.1 pounds.  Total weight loss to date 8 pounds.

3.1poundsHOORAYYYY!  I am doing my happy dance in my head because I am sooooo close to goal 1 (lose 10 pounds) and I could even reach goal 2 (15 pounds) with 2 weeks left!  Even though I give myself some credit for putting in the work, I wanted to dedicate this post to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s been cheering my on and supporting me along the way…

Rayna: Thank you for the amazing Bridal Shower gift of personal training!  I would have never purchased them on my own, but now I know the value of being held accountable!
Jen: Thank you for believing that I can lift heavier, run faster, workout longer than I thought I could.  Thank you for not accepting excuses and for being the hard a$$ you are!
Emily: Thank you for going on runs with me, joining in on training sessions, and cheering me on.  Another thank you for warning me when you bring your ultimate cookies too so I can prepare for some major willpower!
Ron: Thank you for saying “What up Slim” at dinner on our Portland trip!  You telling me you could see a difference helped me stay on track!
Melawn: Thank you for telling me you are reading and enjoying my blog.  Knowing that my journey is helpful to others is the best!
Erleene: Thanks for taking me on an amazing run in Portland and introducing me to the nike plus app!
Jackie & Sarah: Thanks for telling me my butt looks better!  We all know a compliment like that can boost confidence like none other!
Steve, Leah, Dick, Morgan, Scott & Lucas: Thanks for telling me you have noticed a difference, it helps to keep me going
Kaylee: Thanks for joining in with me on a tortuous training session today!  We’ll be sore tomorrow!
Jon: Thank you for putting up with my complaints when I’m sore, hangry (hungry/angry), and sweaty.  And thank you for valuing your health and fitness, I’m so glad to be marrying someone who has health high on the priority list.  I love you and can’t wait to be called Mrs. Davis!