My name is Christine.  I’m getting married in 7 6 weeks.  And I have a lot of work to do. 
Join me on my journey as I slim down for the big day.

Day 6

Second training session with Jen complete!  I know I told you she was tough, but she really is!  Today was upper body and after my first exercise, I was already sore.  She even kept me a little longer than our half hour to make sure I got a challenging interval session on the Cybex.  I kept wondering, “Don’t you need to go to your next appointment?  You’re free to go, I’ll just do my own thing!”, but she kept by my side and made sure I finished strong.  It was a short but challenging interval burst, you should give it a try next time, here’s how:
Cybex Intervals
• 1-3 minute warmup at incline of 5 and resistance of 50
• 30 seconds at 150 -200 watts, 30 seconds at 250-350 watts
• go up to incline of 6 and resistance of 60
• 30 seconds at 150 -200 watts, 30 seconds at 250-350 watts
• Repeat every 30 seconds until you get to 10 and 100, then work your way down the pyramid back to 5 and 50
* Jen’s tip: Make sure to really push and pull to get to the appropriate watts

I also wanted to give you all some resources that I’ve been using to track along the way:
• Food journal – because sometimes a pen and paper are just easier – online calorie/fitness/water tracker
• RunKeeper (App) – track my distance/calories
• Heart Rate Monitor – measure heart rate and calories (my battery is dead so I have not been using this)  They are for sale at the Service Desk and also at Universal Athletic where you get 10% off!

Weigh in is on Thursday and I’m excited to share my success with you all!  I can already feel the difference!