My name is Christine.  I’m getting married in 7 weeks.  And I have a lot of work to do.
Join me on my journey as I slim down for the big day.

Day 5
Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  This was my first weekend under my new wedding regimen and I’m proud to say I made it through successfully!  My social activities made it challenging, but I stuck to my 2 drink/week max, stayed under my net calories, and did my workout homework!

Saturday I worked at our store, REVOLVR, so I planned out my day ahead of time and packed my workout clothes, dog leashes, and ipod to run home from Downtown after we closed.  If you’ve had success or challenges with reaching your goals, you probably know, planning is key.  I can’t stress enough that if I don’t plan my meals, groceries, workouts, etc, I will not be successful.  If I prepare for the week/day ahead, I can navigate the hurdles and end up on top!

Moxie & Kaia

Moxie & Kaia

I live near the Ridge, so it was a little over 3 miles, perfect for my “prescribed” 30 minute run.  I brought my 2 dogs with me, Kaia and Moxie (pictured left), which makes it fun for all of us.  Moxie’s a little slow after mile 1 and Kaia will try to catch any animal that crosses our path, so we weren’t the fastest but we made it home.  I got home, got ready for the evening, made the healthiest dinner choice I could at La Parilla, and had 1 glass of wine at Plonk.  Not bad for a Saturday night!  I still ate later than planned and did not go to bed early, so those are two points of contention that I need to work on.  Sunday was a rest day, I stayed under my calorie goal, and prepared myself mentally for the week ahead.

Broad jumps in Ridge X

Gettin’ after some broad jumps in Ridge X

Today, Monday, I had my second dress fitting, so I’m motivated to stay focused on my goals to look rockin’ in my dress!  Part of my regimen to be rockin’ my dress is to do Ridge X twice a week, so I scheduled for 5:30 with Paul.  If you haven’t tried Ridge X yet, you must!  It’s a fee based class, but if you’ve never tried it, simply visit the Membership department and they can get you signed up for a free session.  It’s been a couple of months since I was doing it regularly, and I forgot how much it kicks my butt!  We did as many rounds of 6 stations as you could get in 15 minutes, followed by 10, one minute stations of cardio bursts.  It totally pushed me beyond my normal level which is exactly what I needed.

I’ll be meeting with Jen tomorrow and will be posting my starting weight and week 1 weights so stay tuned!