My name is Christine.  I’m getting married in 7 weeks.  And I have a lot of work to do. 
Join me on my journey as I slim down for the big day.

Day 2 is here!  Although I started on a Thursday, I’m doing my best to get my “homework” in with the days I have.  Who’s says you have to start on a Monday anyways?  As we like to say here at the Ridge “Don’t wait. Start today.” 

ImageSo here I am on day 2. Hamstrings tight and extremely sore from my session with Jen yesterday, I decided to tackle my “endurance homework” simply based on having a more flexible schedule.  Originally she had me down to do a 1 hour run, however, with my bum knee from an old ski accident, I try to save running more than 5 miles for races or occasional runs.  This is where I made a poor choice–I asked if I could do the stair mill as an alternative!  Running is rhythmic for me, it’s fun, and once I get on a roll a few miles another 30 minutes isn’t all that bad.  The stair mill at a slow pace is fine, but going fast for me is torture–I can’t even read my magazines to help the time pass!  She had me go beyond my normal level and push harder.  And let me tell you it was hard.

For those of you doing similar workouts, I used the Nautilus Stairmill and did the Fat Burner option.  Jen suggested level 12 but I had to bump down to level 10.  I did that for 30 minutes then bumped down some more to level 8 (my norm).  Overall my average steps per minute were 73 and I did 5.7 miles.  Regardless of the lower level, I was sweaty, tired, and felt pretty proud of myself 🙂  This is one of the reasons I chose Jen as my trainer, she always asks me to do more than my norm, and I always have more in me than I think I do.  If I always do my norm, I will get the same results.  If she pushes me to the next level, I get there! (We should probably apply this principle to all areas of our lives!)

Recap on today thus far and yesterday…
√ Drank more water (8+)
√ Tracked my food and stayed within my calorie goal
√ Did my workout homework
√ Ate dinner earlier than normal (7:30, could be better, goal is 6:30)
√ Went to bed earlier than normal (11:20, could be better, goal is 10)

That’s all for now friends, have a great weekend!