My name is Christine.  I’m getting married in 7 weeks.  And I have a lot of work to do. 
Join me on my journey as I slim down for the big day.


Day 1
First, allow me to introduce myself.  Some of you out there know me; I work at the Ridge Athletic Clubs and have worked in most departments here.  I may have signed you up at Membership, made your coffee at the service desk, helped you with your account in the business office, or designed the brochure you took home.  My fiancee Jon and I also own Revolvr Menswear in Downtown Bozeman as well as run a tee shirt design company, so I have no shortage of things to keep me occupied.

I’ll be celebrating my 7th year as part of the Ridge Team next month.  If you think at all how I did before I started working here, you might assume that no one that works at a gym would have trouble losing weight.  Well, we’re all human and we all like our cookies and carbs, so the truth is, we do.  We all have our weaknesses and most of us have had a time where your diet and fitness was put on the back burner because life got in the way. 

I’ve always carried a little extra weight but for the past 10 or so years I’ve carried about 20 extra pounds from where I’d like to be.  Now that my wedding is coming up so soon, my wonderful friend/boss, Rayna, decided to give me the extra push I needed and got me a personal training package to get ready for the big day.  That was on Sunday.  First thing Monday I decided on my trainer, Jen White, and got in as soon as I could with her.  Today is day 1 with Jen and like I said before….I have a lot of work to do.

Based on my current diet and exercise*, here’s the “homework” she gave me…
• Twice a week 1/2 hour personal training sessions
• Twice a week Ridge X sessions
• Three 30 minute+ runs or stair mill sessions per week, plus One 60 minute endurance run
• A minimum of 5 workouts per week
• Eat dinner before 7
• Drink more water
• Go to bed earlier
• Max of 2 cocktails per week with soda water as the mixer.  She normally would cut it all out but made an exception for my social life 🙂
* Note that I was active and running prior to.  If you are starting from being inactive, you would start with a different plan.

It’s a lot of work, but I am up for it and I do best with specific, measurable coaching.  If you’ve met Jen, you know she’s a tough cookie but has your best interests and your goals in mind.  Speaking of goals, my goal is to lose 10 pounds in 7 weeks.  If I reach 15 pounds which is very possible, I will be ecstatic.  I’ll keep you posted along the way, so stay tuned for more updates on my progress as I get wedding ready.