Vacations.  So much fun but oh so hard when you are trying to lose weight.

I just got back last night around 1am (a wrong route was taken that took us 3 hours off course) from a trip to Portland with Jon and 2 of our best friends, Morgan and Lucas.  Morgan had bought us tickets to a Chromeo concert as a wedding gift and it was a blast!  We drove down on Saturday, cruised around Portland, visited Jon’s little brother, saw some friends, went to the concert, and headed home Tuesday.

If you’re anything like me you find yourself over indulging on vacations and finding yourself a few pounds heavier upon your return home.  Having had another successful week last week (6 pounds down!), I shared my concerns regarding my travel habits with Jen and she gave me some guidelines to follow so that I didn’t fall backwards…
• stick to my 2 drink/week limit, preferably wine or a vodka soda
• order smart — salads, proteins cooked “dry” (no butter or oil), dressing and sauces on the sides
• get in a workout

I’ve been beating myself up a little because although I stuck to my 2 drink max and went for a gorgeous 5 mile run with my friend Erleene (photo credit of our run goes out to her!), I struggled with my healthy eating.  We started off strong by going to Costco the night before our trip and getting snacks for the road–carrots, hummus, granola bars, bananas, apples–however, traveling with 3 guys they also insisted on bringing Doritos, chocolate covered acai berries, and gummy bears.  I did decently in the car ride only reaching for the “junk” a few times, but I had a harder time once we went to all of the fantastic restaurants Portland has to offer.  As a compromise I was more lenient on my lunches but had a salad each night for dinner.  I did enjoy a guilty pleasure at Salt and Straw, an amazing homemade ice cream and coffee shop on SW 23rd but I did share that with Jon.

We’ll see what the scale gives me tomorrow morning, I still have 1 more day to make it count and get a good sweat in!  Until then, enjoy some pics of my trip, if you haven’t been to Portland yet, it’s well worth the 12 hour drive!