Hi Everyone!  I’m baaaaaack!  I’m excited to say I had an amaaaazing time at our wedding last month and I’ve taken a few weeks off from Jen’s intense routine to just relax….  Well with all that relaxation came a more relaxed waistline, so I’m ready to get back after it!

Click on the photo to view more pics!

Click on the photo to view more pics!

At last week’s Art Walk, I ran into several people that said they wanted to know what happened the last couple weeks before the wedding, because I just sort of stopped.  Sorry guys, I was a little busy and got sidetracked…  I know, excuses, excuses, but  I’m proud to say those last weeks I worked harder than ever, but my weight just stuck at 137…so frustrating!  It’s funny because after loads of food, beer, and cocktails, at the wedding, I returned to Bozeman at my goal weight of 135.  Turns out high stress will make your body do funny things, and I’m 99% sure that my stress level caused the pounds to be extremely stubborn.  A little yoga and massage probably would have done the trick to get those last two pounds off!

For all of you brides-to-be out there, all the complaining and social sacrifice I endured was completely worth it.  I felt confident in my dress, my bathing suit, I loved my pictures, and I am so happy I toned up before my wedding.  If you’d like to check out some of my photos of the wedding, click on the photo to the left to view our online gallery!  I highly recommend the photographer we used, Jacilyn M. Photography (she’s out of Missoula), so if you are in need of a photographer for any reason, check her out!

So here I am, weighing in at 138.3 today.  About 3 pounds heavier than when I returned from my wedding.  I started training with Jen again last week, and I’ve committed to 1 hour small group sessions with her every Monday.  The first week was a painful return, oh wait, and the second week was painful too, but I feel so much better having structure again.  I didn’t completely stop working out, I just went from around 9 hours of working out per week to about 2, and my body was not feeling so tight.  I’m sore today but not so sore that I can’t function.  I’m going to Cycle class tonight with Jessie K. (love her!), and I’m committed to sending my weekly weigh in to Jen each Tuesday.

I’ve set my goal weight at  128 (10 pounds) by September 1st, 2014.  We are going on our honeymoon in September to a quaint little surf town called Sayulita, Mexico and I want to be rockin’ my bikini on the beach.  Follow me as I start round 2, Sweating for the Honeymoon!