Want to workout with a friend, and not in a way that means you show up at the gym at the same time, see each other around, and then make an exit together?  We polled our Fitness Department and asked what two person exercises they recommend for the best results!

Top Recommended Partner Exercises

Partner Hamstring Curls:  Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Sean Beckett
This exercise helps to tighten and strengthen the hamstrings, especially for those people who have desk jobs or spend a lot of time sitting.  With one partner kneeling, the other partner leverages them by their feet.  The kneeled partner then moves straight out and down to do a push-up, then pulls themselves back to the kneeling position in one fluid movement.
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Standing-Kneeling Medicine Ball Drill:  Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Erin Lyons
One of my favorite partner exercises is a tall kneeling medicine ball partner catch/slam. One person is kneeling on the ground, facing their partner, who is standing. The person standing throws the medicine ball at their partner, who catches it quickly overhead and slams it down on the ground, back to their partner. It is great anterior core work and the focus should be on resisting spinal extension.
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Partner Push-Ups:  Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach, Leah Vogel
In plank position, go head to head with your partner (your heads should be about a foot apart) perform one push-up and then low-five your partner (your right hand to their right hand).  Perform another push-up followed by another low-five (your left hand to their left hand).  Try to get 8-20 push-ups without stopping.  Push-ups may be done from your toes or your knees.
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Medicine Ball Partner Rotational Throws:  Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Dewey Peacock
This exercise is great for building your ability to powerfully rotate your body, which is beneficial in athletic skills requiring quick changes in direction, or hitting and throwing.  With your feet shoulder width apart, stand with a partner approximately 10 ft. away.  Explosively rotate through your core and throw the medicine ball to your partner.  Be sure to maintain a tight core and stable lower body throughout the rotation.  Have your partner return the medicine ball in the same motion and repeat for 10-15 times per side.
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Band Sprints & Jumps:  Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Jen White
Build up your leg strength and power with this exercise that helps increase speed, endurance, and agility.  With a resistance band, one partner has the band around their waist at a comfortable level facing away, while the other pulls back on the band to keep the band tension.  While the front partner runs forward quickly with long strides, the back partner pulls back while following.
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