If you missed week 2 of the Resolution Solution, here’s what you missed…

Should I do all cardio until I lose 10 pounds, and then tone?  Should I do weights everyday?  A lot of people starting on a workout program don’t know the main components of a well rounded workout program.  Your workout program should consist of flexibility, strength and endurance, and cardiorespiratory fitness.  Cardiorespiratory fitness, or cardio, should consist of 3 parts: a warm up (5-10 minutes), conditioning (20-60 minutes), and a cool down (5-10 minutes).

Write out your plan!  I’ll make this easy for you…Planning=Success.  Aim for 3+ days per week of cardio and 2+ per week of strength training.  Each week, make a column for each day, and under each day list cardio, strength, flexibility, and fun.  Circle the activities each day that you will do, and stick to that plan.

If you haven’t set up a strength training program yet, schedule one of your two free consultations with a Ridge Personal Trainer or create a plan from the exercises below.  On your upper body day, do 3 push, 4 pull, and 1-2 hip and knee dominant exercises.  On your lower body day, do 2 hip, 2 knee, 1-2 upper push and pull exercises, and a functional leg exercise.  Build up to 3 sets of 10-12 reps, and choose from the menus below.  Exercises vary in difficulty; if you’re unsure of the level, just google the exercise to see!

Upper Body Push:
Dips | Bench Press | Push Up | Cable Chest Press | Med Ball Push Up | Incline Bench | Decline Bench | Dumbbell Bench | Handstand Push Up | Shoulder Press | DB Alternating Press

Upper Body Pull:
Inverted Row | Cable Row | DB Bent Over Row | Face Pull | Pull Up | T-Bar Row | Lat Pull Down | Chin Up | Single Arm Pull Up | Single Arm Pull Down | Upright Row

Hip Dominant:
SL Deadlift | SL Good Morning | SL Supine Hip Extension | Stability Ball Hamstring Raise | Back Extension | Romanian Dead Lift | Supine Hip Extension | Glute/Ham Raise | Good Morning | Leg Raises | Hip Abduction | Hip Adduction | Leg Press

Knee Dominant:
Front Squat | Back Squat | Sumo Deadlift | Split Squat | Lunge (all direction) | Lateral Step Up | Step Up | Squat Jumps | Leg Extension | Leg Press

Lower Pull:
Power Clean | SL Roman Dead Lift | Good Morning

Lower Push:
Split Squat | Front Squat | Step Up | Box Squat

Lunges | Step Up | Box Squats