October 8, 2010 3:43 pm


Did you post observations about running forms from the other night I can’t find? Also, tips?
And another “beginner” question…in terms of treadmill, what is best mph for beginners-or is it with what we are comfortable with? I am doing 3.9 mph walking & 4.9 mph running….not sure if that is where I should be or not for training? Also, before our run the other night I did 4 miles elliptical & stairs…I would guess that I should not do anything except for run those days, am I correct


October 8, 2010 4:31 pm

I also was wondering about your observations of form for running through class; in addition, wondering about proper breathing pattern and pace.

My biggest question/concern is proper stretching – could you include your suggested best running stretches on the blog, or at class? Specifically, I have been having issues with my shins – best stretches, strengthening for that area?



Hey Everyone! Thanks again for coming to class Tuesday! Some of you may think I am crazy for making you go the 3.1 mile distance but I wanted you to know what that distance feels like and know that you will be able to reach your goal! Stick this out, we won’t be doing that same workout again but now I know where everyone is at and I have a great group of ladies!

To answer Roxene’s question, I have included a list of conversions between miles per hour and minutes per mile. I have no magic number for everyone to aim for when running outside or on the treadmill. What I want is for everyone to find there own pace. I also included a chart with average running times for beginners. Try running a mile and time it. It will show you exactly where you are at on the chart below and give you a goal to shoot for. As far as running this 5k, I am writing out a weekly plan to get everyone to focus on running! You should primarily stick to the program right now for your exercise. I would not recommend doing cardio before we go out and run. Thanks for your questions!

To answer Tammy’s questions, allot of you may experience shin splints. Shin splints is to ice your shins. You can fill a Dixie cup with water and freeze it. When frozen rip the paper back and rub the ice over your shins for about 10 minutes 3-4 times a day. Be very careful that you don’t hold the ice on your skin. You need to rub the ice up and down your shins. You can also use an ice pack but make sure you have a barrier between your shins and the ice while leaving the ice pack on. You will also want to rest your legs and elevate them. If they hurt badly take an ibuprofen, it is an anti-inflammatory medication and it will reduce the pain and swelling. Shin splints may also be a result of improper foot wear. If it has been a long time since you have had new shoes you will want to get some. You should change your shoes out every 3-5 hundred miles! So if you have had your shoes for 1-2 years its time for a new pair.

Lastly, I noticed many things while everyone was running and I would like to look at you all one on one so next Tuesday I will talk to you all in person about technique. A couple things, you want to keep your chest up, shoulders back and shoulders relaxed. Allot of you were shrugging your shoulders and clenching your fists. You want to keep your arms relaxed at your side and your arms loose and your fingers relaxed!!!

Article on breathing technique for runners!


For some great stretches click the hyperlink below!


Min per Mile               Mph                            

15                                                                4.0

14                                                                4.2

13                                                                4.6

12                                                                5

11                                                                5.45

10                                                                6

9                                                                    6.6

8                                                                    7.5

7                                                                    8.5

Average Beginner Pace for 5k Race                          

  • · 13 min/mile pace finishing 5K in over 40 minutes
  • · 12 min/mile pace finishing 5K in around 37 minutes
  • · 11 min/mile pace finishing 5K in about 34 minutes
  • · 10 min/mile pace finishing 5K in 31 minutes
  • · 9 min/mile pace finishing 5K in about 28 minutes
  • · 8 min/mile pace finishing 5K in around 25 minutes
  • · 7min/mile pace finishing 5K in between 21 minutes 30 seconds and 22 minutes
  • · 6 min/mile pace finishing 5K in 18 minutes 30 seconds

Thanks for you questions! Keep up the good work! I will post your new workout every Sunday night for the following week!