Congratulations to our first ever, Ridge Member of the Month, Stacy Smith! 

Pounds lost: 22 pounds
Total inches lost: 8 inches

What is your greatest fitness accomplishment to date?
It is so hard to narrow my accomplishments down to just one!  I think that going from being a Mom of two who needed to lose the baby weight to training for triathlons and duathlons is one of the most amazing accomplishments to me.  The fact that I just finished my first 10K and met every goal I set during the race gave me an incredible boost of confidence and inspiration!

Who or what has helped you to achieve this?
The trainers at the Ridge are the most amazing people! I have to say that it starts with Christine, who signed me up in the first place, Jason who helped me get my first start, Chelsea and Andrea who stuck with me in group training every Tuesday and Thursday, Leah who was amazing during triathlon training, and Mary who hasn’t given up on me with swim lessons and training! I owe everything to them for being so supportive and encouraging, for pushing me when I needed to be pushed and for recognizing what could be in me.  And a little bit of personal determination topped it all off.

What motivates you to keep going with your exercise program?
At first, it was the fact that I had made some sort of progress, no matter how sore or tired I was.  Pushing through those first steps was crucial because I knew that it would get easier. Making a commitment by signing up for the group training held me accountable, too. Now, the fact that I just enjoy feeling fit keeps me motivated to keep it up!

What do you enjoy most about your exercise program?
I enjoy the challenge that is placed upon me by my trainers and by myself! I love the idea that every time I push myself or every time I am pushed, it makes things easier the next time around and allows me to up the level of my training. 

What one piece of advice would you give to newcomers starting at The Ridge?
I know it sounds cliché, but never give up on yourself! You will be amazed at what you are capable of. I know I came to the Ridge looking to find my old self, and with the help, care, and support of all the trainers and staff, I found a completely new me, and for that I am eternally grateful!  You can’t fail if you have the will power and time with a trainer at the Ridge!

Author: Christine Odagiri, Membership Advisor at The Ridge Athletic Club