Starting Monday, March 23, Ridge Athletic Clubs will be hosting a new program, developed and run by two MSU students!   Here is a word from students, Cody Hill and Kristin Laird, about the development and implementation of their program at Ridge Athletic Clubs!

image “We are seniors at Montana State University graduating this Spring with degrees in Health and Human Development. During the course of this semester we have designed a group fitness program that we really believe in. The 6-week program is open to all levels of fitness for those ages 18 and older. The program contains two workouts each week that combine the best of strength and interval training in a step-by-step, high intensity, body-blasting format. These metabolic boosting workouts are an energizing 50 minutes guaranteed to activate the entire body. Our passion for health and fitness is the foundation of this program and its design. With a focus on positivity and empowering others, we feel that our program has the elements to be very influential and can work to help individuals create a positive relationship with health and fitness. IMG_8215 After hearing our proposal among others, the Ridge Athletic Club selected our program, giving us the opportunity to deliver our very first group fitness program in their facility! We are more than excited for this experience and to have the chance to continue fueling our desire for fitness while creating positive changes in the lives of others! We invite you to join us on this new experience and help us as we help you! Come work with us to get into great shape before the summer season and for a lifetime to follow. Join Body Blast and have some fun twice a week while you “Sweat til’ Summer!”

If you are interested in participating in Body Blast, you may register online at Ridge-Upcoming Programs or at the Service Desk.  Please complete the following survey before registration Body Blast Survey