Drinking Horse TrailDoes the thought of another bout of cardio on the elliptical or treadmill got you down?  Time to get outside then! Chances are, one of the very reasons you live in Bozeman is the recreational opportunities that are right outside your door.  Here are my three favorite day hikes in the Bozeman area that are geared toward the beginner or intermediate:

  1. Sourdough Trail – I fell in love with this one two years ago while training for my first marathon. The terrain is gradual for the first three miles in. If I only have an hour, I like to head North at the Y through some of residentional areas; if you head South at the Y, you will find steeper terrain.
  2. Lava Lake – A great one to take mid morning and then hop in the lake when you get to the top as a reward. The grade is steep – but the trail is in great shape. If you’re an angler and you have a float tube, I suggest you go the extra mile and pack it in. The fishing is awesome — lots of action on dries up there — pan sized Rainbows!
  3. The Double Whammie – A favorite challenge of mine — run the “M” following the “most popular route” followed by Drinking Horse Trail. If you can run the whole thing you are an animal in my book! Also a great choice for someone who wants a longer walking hike that is close to town with two incredible views.

Author: Leah Vogel, Personal Trainer, The Ridge Athletic Clubs