Hi Everyone! This will be the last blog post until the race, so this week’s workouts are a little different.  The table below starts with your workout for tomorrow, Thursday the 20th.  It continues into next week with the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before race day on Thursday, Thanksgiving!

Right now the weather forecast for next Thursday is sunny and 21 degrees, which would be pretty great race weather!  Try to do some of your last runs outside and a get a feel for what 21 degrees will feel like so you know what to wear on race day.  Remember you can always take off extra layers!

If you still need to register for the race, you can do so here: www.huffingforstuffing.com

Otherwise happy running and see you on race day!  Please comment if you have any other questions, or feel free to email any of your instructors!

Week 8

Monday24th Tuesday25th Wednesday26 Thursday20th Friday 21st Saturday22nd Sunday 23rd
Do some form of light cardio for 30 min Rest day Rest day Run&Walk

Run 25min

Walk 10min


Run 26min

Walk 10min

Day Off Run&Walk

Run 28min

Walk 10min