Hey Everyone!

Thank you for joining my class and for working so hard! For this week, I want you all to run 2 miles before race day then take the rest of the week off! You will want to run today or early tomorrow at a lighter pace. You truly want your body to be resting this week so you can give it your all on Thursday!

Thursday we will meet on right by the front entrance of the museum at 8:50 am!!! The race starts at 9:15 am. We wont all be at the same pace but it would be fun to see you all before the race starts. Also, the weather will be fairly nice. It’s suposed to be in the 40’s! The trail will be a little icy so be careful. You should come dressed in layers so that you are more warm than having the possibility of being cold. Hats, gloves, wind resistant light jacket, and a base layer are recommended! 

You will definitely want to warm up before the race so jog some laps around the area to get warmed up!

Thanks again and I will see you Thursday!!!!