Q: Which cardio machine burns the most calories?
A: Stair mill (revolving stairs).

Q: Which body weight exercise burns the most calories?
A: Burpies (plank, push up, squat-jump…repeat).

Q: Are calories all that count/matter when it comes to losing weight?
A: No! Glycemic index, along with regulation of blood sugar is HUGE when trying to lose weight.

Q: Cardio or weights first?
A: Studies have shown that a person burns more calories, mostly from fat, during a cardio session that is performed AFTER lifting weights.  Carbohydrates (and some protein ) are the primary source of fuel during strength training.  After depleting the majority of both sources our bodies tap into fat for a reserve.

Q: Does a 30 minute moderate intensity cardio session burn more calories than 2 ten minute high intensity sessions?
A: 2 ten minute high intensity sessions.  Working out at high intensity can jump start your metabolism, causing you to burn calories up to 48 hours after performing the cardio session.  Although fat is the primary fuel source during lower intensity cardio, high intensity cardio burns far more calories as well as fat.

Author: Kate Murphy, Personal Trainer, The Ridge Athletic Clubs