Intuitive Eating

Author: Ridge Personal Trainer Annie Barber

When I was a child, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and stopped when I was full. Somewhere along the way, that style of eating was lost to me. As I grew up, I learned about new diets and weight loss techniques through the media, took nutrition classes, started counting calories, and suddenly I was critiquing every single thing I put in my mouth. What happened to that inner voice that just told me what I wanted and told me when I’ve had enough?

Here are a few ways to get back in touch with yourself and start eating intuitively..

1. Reject the diet mentality Try to stay away from diets that promise quick and easy weight loss-listen to your body!
2. Honor your hunger Think of your body as a fire- it needs fuel (food) to keep burning
3. Make peace with food Give yourself unconditional permission to eat! The more you tell yourself you cant have something the more you will want it, and may eventually binge on it.
4. Challenge the food police Try to not label foods as good or bad- you are not a good or bad person depending on the type of food you eat
5. Respect your fullness Listen to those body cues that tell you that you are no longer hungry-wait 20 minutes after you’re done with a meal to truly let the fullness set in
6. Discover the satisfaction factor There can be pleasure and satisfaction from eating- focus on the food you are eating, enjoy each bite, be thankful and savor your food!
7. Honor your feelings without using food Many of us turn to food to help comfort, nurture, distract or check out: try to find other ways to fill those voids.
9. Exercise-Feel the difference Shift your focus to feeling on how good you feel during and after exercise-instead of how many calories you’re burning
10. Honor your health Make smart and nutritious choices that make you feel good! Moderation and consistently maintaining a healthy diet with variety will do you well in the long run!

6 Responses

  1. Colline

    It is hard to resist media bombardment of skinny models and weight loss pills. But if we can do that, I believe we start to find acceptance of our physical self. Thank you for reminding us of what we should focus on.

  2. wannabebrazilian

    This is such a great post! It’s so difficult to change the habit of eating to fill a void or just “check out” as you say, but very worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing!

  3. theridgeathleticclub

    Thanks for the feedback Colline and wannabebrazilian! It is a great reminder, as I know most people regardless of size, deal with the same thoughts about food

  4. Annie Barber

    Thanks ladies for your comments! Eating, diet, and weight loss are so prevalent in our society and we just need to take a step back and focus on the things that matter and what WE can control. Every single body is beautiful and we just need to take care of it:) We all have that intuitive voice in us; we just need to rediscover and honor it. Hang in there!!!!

  5. Nicole

    Wow! I am so happy to see this here! I guess I know which trainer I want to work with when I do my new-member sessions! This is really wonderful. Thank you!

  6. Katelyn K

    Annie, such a great reminder of how to value ourselves and our bodies. I love reading your posts. Thanks!!