Every January 1st most of us sit down on our couch with our pen and paper and start a list–a list of the things we hoped for, strived for, never did, didn’t do enough of, or lost in this chaotic world we call life.

According to about.com, the top ten most common New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

  1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends
  2. Fit in Fitness
  3. Tame the Bulge
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Enjoy Life More
  6. Quit Drinking
  7. Get Out of Debt
  8. Learn Something New
  9. Help Others
  10. Get Organized

The makes diet and exercise 2 out of the top 3 resolutions.  We know this.  We see it every year as our clubs fill with excited new members ready to attain their goals.  The unfortunate thing that happens, however, is that come March and April, we don’t see those members nearly as often.

If you made the resolution to exercise more, lose weight, or gain muscle, are you sticking with it?  If the answer is no,  it’s not too late–it’s never too late.  Start today.


Author: Christine Odagiri, Membership Advisor, The Ridge Athletic Clubs