To eat or not to eat

Author: Ridge Personal Trainer Annie Barber

No I can’t have another cookie.. I shouldn’t eat breakfast because I’m going to have a big dinner.. I can’t have another serving because I already had one.. Do these sound familiar? Holiday eating can be very stressful for many people. We all dread the “holiday pounds” and most of us find ourselves eating too many Christmas cookies! Don’t let food and eating get you down during this wonderful time of year..

Intuitive eating is when you listen to your body and honor your hunger. Evelyn Tribole, the author of Intuitive Eating has a few helpful tips that I want to share to help you enjoy the great foods of the season and to not beat yourself up for wanting to savor them!

Here is the Intuitive Eating Bill of Rights-

1. You have the right to savor your meal, without cajoling or judgment, and without discussion of calories eaten or the amount of exercise needed to burn off said calories.

2. You have the right to enjoy second servings without apology.

3. You have the right to honor your fullness, even if that means saying “no thank you” to dessert or a second helping of food.

4. It is not your responsibility to make someone happy by overeating, even if it took hours to prepare a specialty holiday dish.

5. You have the right to say, “No thank you,” without explanation, when offered more food.

6. You have the right to stick to your original answer of “no”, even if you are asked multiple times. Just calmly and politely repeat “No, thank you, really.”

7. You have the right to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Let’s all take care of our mind, body and spirit during this time of year and ENJOY the holidays!