This is your final post before tomorow morning! I wanted everyone to know that it will be about -5 tomorow morning if not a little colder. There have been a  couple of people who have decided not to run. You all have worked so hard and I am sad that the weather has a mind of its own. If you all decide to run I want you to be prepared. There was a question about wearing yacht tracks and I would suggest not to wear them becasue I feel it will mess with your running form. I would think they would have the road cleared off well enough so you all should be ok. A couple suggestions, start with a long underwear or base layer of clothing. Then over that I suggest fleece and over the fleece a wind and water resistant lighter jacket. Also, some warm mittens or gloves, a hat, a face warmer, and some glasses or goggles to keep the wind out of your eyes. Possibly have some handwarmers for inside your gloves too. It will be cold so if you are going to run be overdressed rather than under. I would suggest keeping your warm boots on until just before the race, as to keep your feet as warm as possible! Lastly, I have come down with a bug so I will be unable to run tomorow. I was dreading this would happen and wish I was running it with all of you but am afraid I cannot. I will show up in the morning to meet with you all and I expect you all to let me know how you did in the race. I apologize, I so wanted to be there but know I am thinking of you and wish you all the best! If you guys read this before tomorow I would like to get an estimate of the turnout we will have tomorow so please let me know if you will be there by leaving a comment on the blog!!! Thank you!