059_Club2012Whenever you come to the gym and exercise there comes a point at which you need to make a decision. “Do I continue to push myself and become a little better today or do I call it good?” Gaining the mental edge can make or break your workouts and if you wait to make this decision until it comes, 9 times out of 10 you will take the easy way out. When it comes down to decision time, here are a couple things to consider.

First – “One More”. No matter how tired you are or how weak you feel you can always do one more. You may not be able to do the same weight again, but you could lower the weight and keep going. Whatever the case, you are always capable of doing one more.

Second – “I quit” or “I can’t”. Telling yourself these two things shuts down your body and makes you leaving the gym feeling like you did not give it your best. Every time you walk out the door you should not regret the effort you gave. Engrain these mentalities in your mind and remember, temporary discomfort is worth the lasting success it brings.


About the Author
Logan Gregg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer at the Ridge Athletic Clubs.