The leaves are changing colors and blanketing the ground, directing our minds towards winter and it’s many activities.  As we phase out our summer and fall endeavors and move into those that involve the snow and ice, this is a great time to prepare ourselves for the wonderful winter many of us live for.  These transitional months are the time to step back a little and increase our strengths, work on weaknesses, and establish a base of fitness to take us through the long winter season.

Strengths:  I think it’s critical to increase our general and absolute strength during these transitional periods. You should establish a program of strength training that incorporates large movements, such as front squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, etc. that encourage heavier weights and low reps to build your foundational strength.  Incorporating these exercises into your routine is invaluable for building a more durable body, and certainly requires the programming and guidance of a trained professional.

Weaknesses:  While it’s great to build up our general strength, many of us might be better off addressing our weaker links. The idea of working on weaknesses can be approached as more of a “pre-hab”. Your goal is to correct imbalances or weak points in your overall body. You want to use exercises to make sure that you maintaining proper balance and alignment through both postural and dynamic movements. Many professionals can offer both postural and movement-based assessments to determine what the best exercise plan can be for you.

Go into this winter with a stronger foundation that will keep you enjoying all of your activities more and with less chance of injury. Now start praying for snow while you’re hitting the gym!

The Ridge Dewey Peacock







About the Author Dewey Peacock is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer at the Ridge Athletic Clubs.