Fitness Matters | Reducing Sugar This Holiday Season

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fitness-matters-Sep-blogSuggesting we should avoid sugar during the holidays might sound cold-hearted & scrooge-like. We have powerful emotions & memories tied to holiday sweets. This strong connection is often the start of cravings & even sugar addiction. The problem with sugar is that unless it comes from natural sources like fruits & vegetables, it’s toxic to
the mind/body & a major cause of diabetes & obesity.

As the Halloween candy bowls start appearing, think “inflammation.” When Thanksgiving dinner is over, suggest a family walk rather than adding more bloat to the belly by eating pie. And this Christmas, consider gifting crunchy nuts & sweet citrus fruits rather than sugar laden cookies. Re-program your connection to sweets this year. Your mind & body will thank you.

Happy Holidays! – Jackie

JackieAuthor: Ridge Personal Trainer & IIN Health Coach Jackie Rainford Corcoran

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  1. Gary Matthews, LCPC

    I think that “added” sugar is the enemy to our physical and mental health. I am glad that more people, like you are talking about it. Last Thanksgiving, I decided to eat pumpkin pie after removing “added” sugar from my diet for 1.5 years. I enjoyed the pie, but felt like I had been beaten by a baseball bat for the two hours following. I was amazed at the inflammation I felt. I have encouraged others to limit or remove “added” sugar from their diets. When they slip, or consciously decide to eat “added” sugar, all of them report severe inflammation. I felt miserable when I abused “added” sugar, but it became the normal so I did not notice it. Not until I quit eating it, did I realize how miserable I felt. Keep up the good work.

  2. John Allen

    Amen Jackie, I need to tape this up in the kitchen and read it every day! Thanks for this great reminder about sugar so I don’t have to relearn this the hard way!