fitness-matters-Sep-blogSuggesting we should avoid sugar during the holidays might sound cold-hearted & scrooge-like. We have powerful emotions & memories tied to holiday sweets. This strong connection is often the start of cravings & even sugar addiction. The problem with sugar is that unless it comes from natural sources like fruits & vegetables, it’s toxic to
the mind/body & a major cause of diabetes & obesity.

As the Halloween candy bowls start appearing, think “inflammation.” When Thanksgiving dinner is over, suggest a family walk rather than adding more bloat to the belly by eating pie. And this Christmas, consider gifting crunchy nuts & sweet citrus fruits rather than sugar laden cookies. Re-program your connection to sweets this year. Your mind & body will thank you.

Happy Holidays! – Jackie

JackieAuthor: Ridge Personal Trainer & IIN Health Coach Jackie Rainford Corcoran