Author: Ridge Personal Trainer and Health Coach Jackie Corcoran

Celebrate life, get fit and reduce stress by getting outside this Summer.
Bozeman makes it easy with safe and abundant trails. Short on time? Bring your water bottle to the nearby “M” Trail for a 1 to 2 hour vertical challenge. You’ll burn over 500 calories and your glutes will thank you. Easy Way Up: Left at the trailhead for 1.5 14261_13935_Bozeman_Montana_Hikes_M_Trail_mdmiles of switchbacks.  Hard Way Up: Right at the trailhead for .05 miles straight up. Both end at the “M” (elevation 5,800 ft) with a great view of Bozeman.  For a map of the M trail click here (Courtesy of Outside Bozeman)

For runners who want less vertical and who’s knees don’t like pounding the pavement, check out the easily accessible 3.28 mile Gallagator Trail.  For a map of the Gallagator Trail and other great trail running routes, click here. (Courtesy of Bozeman Running Co) Getting outside is a great way to spend time with friends and family, plus, it’s just another free perk of living in beautiful Bozeman, Montana!