It was to my surprise when an athletic student in my group fitness class asked last week how to get rid of her “trouble spots” while pinching her waist. She exercises regularly and enthusiastically, is in great health and appears to be in the normal range of body fat to height ratio. I knew what she was talking about though–that extra few pounds around the middle that don’t seem to fit in the jeans.

Now, she asked in front of the whole class so I had to think fast and speak with the utmost tact. After clearing my throat and saying “Hmmm” for as long as I could, I told her that she looks healthy and beautiful (the truth.) Then I suggested she might “tweak” her diet. In other words, “change her diet” without “going on a diet.” She responded by asking if that meant “no more cheese steaks and french fries for lunch and beers with dinner?” She got the picture.

For this active woman of 35, less chips and alcoholic drinks (a.k.a. empty calories) every week will most likely reduce her caloric intake enough to create the change she is looking for. Simply making more sensible choices throughout her day, everyday, will prevent her from falling into the abyss of uncontrolled weight gain.

On Monday morning, she, along with several others in the class, reported back that they skipped the junk food that they normally over indulge in and felt good about it–not deprived but instead pleased with themselves.

By exercising discipline today–dieting is unnecessary tomorrow. Healthy eating habits become hard to break.

Jackie Corcoran
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
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