If there is one thing I took away from the first 20lb Challenge back in September it is that, “Everyday is a New Day.”  Josh Palmer told me that during one of our first nutritional meetings.  Of course you do need to be accountable if you slipped up the day before but move on.

It is also true that only you can make the change.   When I started the 20lb Challenge September 12th it was a new day for me.  I was still 15lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight but had lost 22lbs since delivery the December before.  The weight just was not coming off but in all honesty I really was not doing much to make it happen.  The 20lb Challenge was exactly what  I  needed.  The motivation from Josh, Krista and the other participants was amazing.  In the end it was about what I did, following the food advice they gave, logging on mynetdiary.com, and completing four extra days of cardio a week for 45 minutes.

My name is January I am a stay at home mom and I have challenges everyday.  I have been overweight since college and I want this time to be weight loss success.  I can admit since last November I have let some things slide but I need to start being serious again.  Ever since I gave birth to my son 16 months ago I have found new motivation.  I want to be an example for him.  I want him to make the right food choices and learn to love exercise.  I look forward to sharing my story, struggles and success with you!