My computer has been having some technical difficulties, sorry for the late post!
Hey everyone, week 7 already! We’re so close! This past week we only had four people in class, hopefully everyone can make it out for the last couple classes because it was beautiful weather!! If you haven’t signed up for the race and are wanting to do it, it might be time to head over to the website and get registered. In the meantime keep sticking to the workout plan, we’re getting up to some longer intervals and you won’t want to fall behind! Here’s our schedule for the next week:
Week Seven
Do some form of light cardio for 20 minutes
CLASS at 5:45pm
Walk, Elliptical, Bike, etc. for 30 minutes
Run & Walk Run 20 min Walk 1 min Run 5 mins
Run & Walk Run 24 min Walk 1 min Run 5 mins
Run & Walk Run 26 min
Good luck with training this week, and next week be sure to BRING A HEADLAMP OR LIGHT AND REFLECTIVE GEAR!! We don’t need any unneccessary injuries! Happy running 🙂