Hello again everyone! We are at Week 4, halfway through our training program.  There will continue to be a steady increase in the number of minutes we are running each week.  Just know that it is the ultimate goal to be able to run that many minutes without stopping to walk, but if you can’t it’s no big deal!  This is a general plan to try to fit as many different people as possible, and we are all at different ability levels.  Please don’t be discouraged if you can’t run for the full amount of time.  Take a break to walk or speed walk, even if just for a few seconds, and then jump back in.  The important thing is to continue to push yourself, at whichever level you may be. That being said, here are this week’s workouts:

Week 4

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Do some form of light cardio for 25


Class Walk, Elliptical, Bike, etc for 30 minutes Run&Walk

Run 8 min

walk 1 min

repeat 3x


Run 8 min

Walk1 min

repeat 3x

Day off! Run&Walk

Run 10min

Walk 1 min

repeat 2x

As always, let us know any questions you may have or if you’d like any info posted here on the blog!

Happy running in this beautiful weather!