Last Sunday I ran in the Mother’s Day 5k for Haven.  It was a fantastic course and a lot of fun.  I do wish I would have been able to run more than 12 minutes of it, but I am sticking to the Physical Therapist’s advice and taking things slow.  It was great to run it with a few people from the current 20lb Challenge group.  I often cannot believe how far I have come in terms of fitness and just the fact that I actually do cardio six times a week.  I feel great and I am so thankful to everything and everybody at The Ridge

One thing I have actually been struggling with right now is lack of sleep.  My son is cutting six teeth right now and it has made for some sleepless nights.  It is so hard to get motivated to get to the gym when I am tired.  However, once I get in there and get at least 30 minutes in I feel so much better.  If I am really tired I at least try to get a short walk in.  Honestly it puts my son and I both in better spirits.  I also remind myself how important my physical and mental health is in regards to carrying for my son.  Once I take care of myself physically, my mental health improves which makes for a better quality of life for everyone.

I wanted to give an update on my sugar intake.  I did not make it the full 30 days without sugar but I did significantly reduce what I was eating and ended up with $10 in my pot.  Not perfect, but I am happy I went from sugar everyday to just 10 times in 30 days.  I am going to try and make an improvement over the next 30 days and only have sugar once per week.