Back to Basics…

Today I started logging my food on again.  I found this tool to be very useful during the first 20lb Challenge I did last fall.  I have talked to a few other successful participants and logging food was a main component of their weight loss success.  I have heard some complaints about the user friendliness of and I do know other participants have used Livestrong successfully.  Whether you use an internet program or just write your food down it is just one more way to be accountable for what you eat.

Today is my 2nd day sugar free. I made a pact with a good friend yesterday.  We are going sugar free for one month.  If there is ever a slip up we will put a dollar in a jar.  This is for every slip up not just daily.  Whoever has the most money at the end loses and that money goes to the other person.  I can be super competitive so this is another way I am making myself accountable for what I put in my mouth.  Sugar is my downfall!  I love ice cream, brownies, sugar in my coffee, yada, yada, yada…….

Does anyone out there have other suggestions to make yourself accountable for the food you eat?

  1. Brandy L.

    I am on the 5&1 Plan, have been since the end of October 2011. I have lost about 70lbs, met my goal size (10), but not yet my goal weight(15 lbs to go). I’m just not as focused as I was in the beginning because I have met a pretty major goal from being a size 22 to a 10, regardless of not being at goal weight. But MY KIDS keep me accountable when I eat! The oldest two are 4&5 and when they see me sneaking some of their snacks, they say “is that on your diet Mommy?”. I can’t lie, they know I still want this last 15lbs gone! THEY hold me accountable and instead of eating a 1/2 box of cheezits, I only sneak a few…and they tattle on me to my husband! 😉