Hello everyone and welcome! Of course there have been some technical difficulties which is why this post is late!  This is where we will post the workouts you need to do on your own before meeting the next week.  Like it’s been said in class, this is a general outline and of course you can move the days around.  For example, it lists Monday as a rest day and Tuesday as the day for class.  Those of you meeting downtown might switch Mondays and Tuesdays since we are meeting and doing the group run on Mondays!  Always feel free to leave comments on the post about any questions you might have or if you’d like something specific posted on the blog.  Please try to keep up with your ‘homework’ workouts on your own, we will be increasing the amount of time we run each week!

Great job to those who met Monday downtown and happy running to those of you meeting today!


nothing         group run        walk 30 minutes       run 1 min       walk/bike/       run 1 min          DAY OFF

walk 2 mins      elliptical        walk 2 mins

repeat 10x        30 min         repeat 10x