Meet Elizabeth.  She was chosen by the Ridge and Complete Nutrition as one of our “disease risk” candidates for the Total Body Transformation Project.  As a mom, she battled debilitating migraines and lack of sleep as she tried to take care of her son’s health issues over the last few years.  Now that he’s 4 years old and his health issues are under control, she decided to apply for the Total Body Transformation Project to take control of her own health and get back to the person she remembers.  She’s 4 weeks in, here’s her update so far…

I used to be pretty fit. I exercised daily, which included trail running, road biking and going to the gym every morning before work. When I was pregnant with my son, I was at the gym and hiking up to the week prior to having him. When my son was born, he had a multitude of health issues, including severe reflux, sleep apnea and a tongue tie that didn’t get diagnosed until he was 20 months. I literally slept minutes at a time throughout the night. My son did not eat solid food until he was almost 2.5. I’m happy to say that today he a happy, healthy just turned 4 year old! Taking care of him and getting him to this point took a huge toll on my health and I really haven’t worked out consistently for 4 years! In addition I have developed debilitating migraines that even mess up my vision, among other health issues, but that is the worst!

IMG_1465Being picked for the Total Body Transformation Project is already changing my life! I work out with Krista Kottraba-Pancich twice a week and follow the nutrition plan developed by Dan at Complete Nutrition. I am doing cardio at least 5 days a week as well. Krista is the perfect combination of encouraging and kick butt! After week two, I was down 5 pounds and I already felt so much stronger! I was telling my husband that just taking this time to devote to myself every week is helping me to be a better person and better mom! One of our goals is for me to do an unassisted pull up by the end of the challenge….today I moved to the next harder resistance band and I am super proud of myself! I never thought I could do a pullup, even an assisted one! It is really hard work to push my body after being sedentary for 4 years and I am constantly afraid of a migraine hitting, but I am determined and I am powering through! I think that eating better and the vitamins from Complete Nutrition have been a huge factor in not having one since I started the program. That alone is life changing!

I am so thankful to the Ridge for picking me for this challenge and to Krista for being awesome and for the support of Dan from Complete Nutrition as well. It is definitely a team effort and I am already benefiting so much! I can’t wait to see all the changes for the better that are coming as I continue to push myself!

photoMid week 4 update — The overall goal for this first month nutrition-wise was to learn how to keep my blood sugar stabilized (I am hypoglycemic-which means low blood sugar), which plays a big role in my headaches. I have been keeping a food journal and keeping track of headaches and dizziness etc ,too. I have been figuring out what works for me is more frequent small meals and snacks. Even though the focus was not on weight loss, I am still happy to report I have lost 8 pounds!
Week three turned out to be really hard for me. I shifted a vertebrae out of place lifting a heavy bounce house by myself after my son’s birthday party. Ouch! (Thankfully some chiro got it back in) And I had a horrible migraine that week too. Ugh! But, I didn’t let it stop me! Krista was extra careful with me that week (but no less intense mind you 😉 and knowing I have all these awesome people in my corner now helped me power through. I would have absolutely thrown in the towel before starting this project, so I am very thankful to have the support of Krista, Dan and The Ridge! I can’t wait to start Month 2!!

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