Author: Ridge Personal Trainer Annie Barber

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation or a quote to help you get through your day, through a rough time or just through a moment. Here are 10 “wellness” thoughts from Whole Living magazine with a little of my perspective..

1. Take the guilt out of pleasure. Sometimes the thing you want most is just what you need.

*So you had a piece of chocolate cake..instead of cursing yourself for wanting it and eating it: enjoy it, savor it, and move on. No harm done.

2. You can’t force flexibility. It’s about releasing and opening gradually.

*Whether this means yoga class or changing up your routine: let it happen slowly. Life is a marathon, not a sprint!

3. Invest in experiences, not just objects.

*To reward yourself we often turn to food or shopping, instead, go for a walk, take a hike, or a bike ride in nature (before it gets crappy out!)

4. Don’t overthink: Some happy moments are best left unanalyzed.

*Enough said : )

5. Real intimacy is expressed not with more words but with meaningful ones.

*A little can go a long way..

6. Try a little less housework and a little more sleep.

*Start going to bed 5-10 minutes earlier each night, and before you know it you’ll have an extra hour of sleep!

7. To find your strength, push past your comfort zone.

*We sometimes have to do the things we think we cannot do in order to BELIEVE we can do them!!

8. Rather than just beautifying your skin, nourish it.

*Check out the Spa Ridge, eat foods that promote healthy skin, and take care of your body… we are only born with one.

9. Finding answers to your health issues won’t come from feeding your fears.

*Hire a trainer, make annual appointments with doctors, see a nutritionist: you deserve to give yourself the best care! (don’t avoid “it” until its too late)

10. Sometimes getting lost is the only way to figure out where you really are.

*I was recently on jury duty for 5 days and felt like my world was going to end because I had to cancel all my clients and my schedule was screwed up for days… and now I can say it was a wonderful experience, I am full of knowledge and I have a whole new appreciation for what I do and what others do!