Tracking fitness has become exceedingly popular. With the advancement of technology it’s become easier, more rewarding, and fun to use wearable physical activity monitors to track fitness. There are multiple monitors available such as FitBit, Jaw Bone, Apple Watch, and MyZone for users to choose from (just to name a few).

So, why would anyone want to use one of these monitors? For starters, most are user friendly and provide a lot of really great and useful data. For example, most wearable monitors provide some indication of total caloric expenditure (how much energy you’re using up from exercise), exercise time, real time heart rate, and a history of measured exercise efforts. In addition, most also include a biometric page, either on the web or in an app, that allows users to enter information such as age, height, and weight for tracking purposes. After all, to set and work towards a goal, you need to know where you’re starting!

For example, our MyZone physical activity monitor measures physical activity (in or outside the club) by tracking expended calories, heart rate, exercise time, perceived effort as a percentage of heart rate max, and summarizes workouts with easy to view graphs and data. The MyZone system comes with an app that helps keep you accountable, tracks all of your workouts, and provides a social platform for you to make it fun with friends. Moreover, unique to MyZone are MyZone Exercise Points or MEPs. Basically, MyZone rewards users with MEPs for every minute spent in a certain heart rate zone!! This, along with the social platform and other features make MyZone a very easy to use, fun, and rewarding monitor to utilize for fitness endeavors.

Whatever you choose, wearable physical activity monitors are an awesome tools to help you be successful on your fitness journey. They can objectively show you how hard you’re actually working and keep it fun at the same time. If you would like to know more about our MyZone physical activity monitor, you can contact our Fitness Director, Eddie Davila at eddie or by calling the Ridge at (406) 586-1737.

Article By Ridge Fitness Director, Eddie Davila