Spring is in the air, and with it comes thoughts of spring cleaning. Have you ever thought about spring cleaning your diet? Here are some simple spring cleaning tips specifically for your kitchen, refrigerator, pantry, and mind that can help you improve your nutrition and even lose weight.

First (and probably obviously), clean up and declutter your whole kitchen space. Interestingly, keeping countertops, cupboards, pantries, refrigerators, and all other kitchen space clean and tidy helps us make better food choices! One fascinating study looked at 2 groups of stressed out women. The group of women placed in a cluttered and dirty kitchen ate twice as many chocolate chip cookies as the group placed in a clean and tidy kitchen.  

Secondly, spring clean your refrigerator and pantry by intentionally arranging what items you see first. We are actually 30% more likely to eat what we see first — WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU EAT! Work on reorganizing your food so that healthier food choices (like nuts or dried fruit) are the first ones you see. Intentionally put the less healthy ones (like cookies or chips) down low or up high and out of site. Regarding your refrigerator, store healthy fruits and vegetables at eye level rather than down low hidden in the produce drawer. If at all possible, wash and prep these foods as soon as you get home from the grocery store. Store them in clear containers where you will see them first.

Finally, consider some spring cleaning for your mind. Assess the tone of your self-talk, especially related to your health status and health goals. Is it often or always negative when you’ve fallen off track? Or do you show compassion toward yourself? Do you stop the “negativity train” by telling yourself it’s ok and that you’ll can get back on track quickly? Those who are compassionate toward themselves when feelings of failure come tend to get back on track more quickly and have greater success with weight loss.

In summary:

  1. Perform a good deep clean of your whole kitchen space
  2. Rearrange what you see first behind each food storage door
  3. Practice a little compassion versus negativity with yourself

Cheers to a great and healthy spring!

Article By: Registered Dietitian, Katie Sonnek