It’s 2017 and maybe you’ve decided that this year is a YOU Year. Maybe you’ve imagined what this year will look like if you put your health as a priority and committed to yourself. But maybe you are also not quite sure where to start. With today’s technology and easy access to information, there are tons of apps with multiple features that may or may not work with your fitness trackers, lifestyle, or goals.

With that in mind, we polled our Ridge Fitness Staff and asked what apps they recommend for getting started in the New Year and tracking those fitness goals! All of these apps are available in the iOS App Store or GooglePlay. Some are free, some are not, but all are beneficial in one way or another.

Top App Recommendations to Get Started

MyZone: Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Jen White
“With the MYZONE app I can follow my clients with their workouts and their workout intensity. I can give MEP goals and it’s an easy way for me to track what they are doing and keep them accountable. The MYZONE app is a game changer.”

Lose It: Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Leah Vogel
“I really like the Lose It app. It is easy to find foods for food tracking, tracks weight and provides nice, easy to read graphics. It also displays macronutrient information nicely.”

Strava: Recommended by Ridge Personal Trainer, Dewey Peacock
“For cyclists and runners who like to compare to others in the community, this app is great. Has a nice social aspect and also has virtual racing – which is a great feature. The app is also useful as a good training log.”

Headspace: Recommended by Ridge Group Fitness Instructor, Kaylee Johnson
“I love to use the Headspace app after my workout in the stretching area upstairs. It’s quiet in there and dark so a perfect place to practice meditation. It helps reset if Am still in the ‘workout’ mode or it helps relax and re-energize if I am tired from my workout. The headspace app makes me take a moment for myself, to decompress and refocus. Our minds are in a constant ‘go’ mode, so taking the time for myself for just 10 minutes a day makes a huge difference in my energy, motivation and happiness.”

MyFitness Pal: Recommended by Registered Dietitian, Katie Sonnek
“MyFitnessPal is among the most popular FREE apps for food and activity tracking.  Its large, searchable food database enables users to easily estimate and compare their daily intake of total calories, protein, carbohydrate, etc. to suggested goals.  Its memory of the foods (and exercise) you like most means that logging gets easier the more you do it, so I encourage anyone to try it out!  I promise loads of valuable discovery.”